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sonars naval acoustics w rtsil elac nautik market - w rtsil elac nautik is a market leader in the niche of underwater acoustics for naval applications hydrographic survey and navigation applications, raven interactive sound analysis software - raven is a software application for the acquisition visualization measurement and analysis of acoustic signals, sonar sound navigation and ranging echo location - sonar sound navigation and ranging or sonar is a technique that uses sound propagation under water primarily to navigate communicate or to detect other vessels there are two kinds of sonar active and passive sonar may be used as a means of acoustic location acoustic location in air was used before radar, underwater security systems dsit solutions ltd - dsit is a high technology company that specializes in sonar acoustics and aquashield dsit is offering a full set of sonar and underwater security systems, actran vibroacoustics complete solution for vibro - actran vibroacoustics is a complete robust reliable productive and high performance vibro acoustic cae module, towed array sonar wikipedia - a towed array sonar is a system of hydrophones towed behind a submarine or a surface ship on a cable trailing the hydrophones behind the vessel on a cable that can be kilometers long keeps the array s sensors away from the ship s own noise sources greatly improving its signal to noise ratio and hence the effectiveness of detecting and tracking faint contacts such as quiet low noise, underwater ut system oceanscan - available for sale and or rental lightweight portable and simple to operate our underwater u t systems are built with the customers needs in mind, sound underwater images a guide to the generation and - after a brief introduction to what side scan sonar is and its history ten well connected and expertly illustrated chapters discuss the basic theory instrumentation deployment survey planning at sea operational requirements interpretation guidelines and pitfalls and mapping applications of 50 100 and 500 khz side scan sonars, applied acoustics systems easytrak nexus lite 2695 - view and download applied acoustics systems easytrak nexus lite 2695 operation manual online ultra short base line usbl underwater acoustic positioning system 2695 series 1000 series beacon incorporates easytrak nexus lite 2695 marine equipment pdf manual download also for, sosus the secret weapon of undersea surveillance - born of a three way marriage of early cold war strategic necessity world war ii progress in underwater acoustics and an extraordinary engineering effort the navy s pioneering sound surveillance system sosus became a key long range early warning asset for protecting the united states against the threat of soviet ballistic missile submarines and in providing vital cueing, dynamic marine cape town - dynamic marine systems is a world class specialist sales rental and support company serving the maritime market around africa our product groups comprising top industry brands include navigation dynamic positioning sensors naval survey subsea technology oceanographic communications coastal surveillance and navigation infrastructure, remotely operated vehicle committee of the marine - the remotely operated vehicle committee of the marine technology society is dedicated to further the understanding of remotely operated vehicles, spl sound level to db pressure level sound pressure sound - a reduction of the sound power level of the sound source by 6 db is resulting in a reduction of the sound pressure level and the sound intensity level at the location of the receiver by also 6 db even if the sound