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snakes of the united states and canada carl h ernst - world renowned snake expert carl ernst and coauthor evelyn ernst reveal the unusual lifestyles of these fascinating creatures describing every known aspect of each of the 131 species found in the united states and canada, handbook of snakes of the united states and canada - the husband and wife team of albert and anna wright traveled the united states collecting snakes and snake lore to write what is indeed a classic in herpetology the book is rich with photos and line drawings of the various species and subspecies of snakes in north america, snakes and ladders wikipedia - snakes and ladders is an ancient indian board game regarded today as a worldwide classic it is played between two or more players on a gameboard having numbered gridded squares a number of ladders and snakes are pictured on the board each connecting two specific board squares, travel advice and advisories for united states - outbreak monitoring monitoring october 25 2018 acute flaccid myelitis afm the united states centers for disease control and prevention us cdc is reporting cases of acute flaccid myelitis afm across the united states there is an increase in cases compared to 2017, guide to the shed skins of the snakes of canada w figures - guide to the identification of the shed skins of the snakes of canada brian s gray, mohave desert sidewinder crotalus cerastes cerastes - conservation status the following status listings are copied from the april 2018 special animals list and the 2017 endangered and threatened animals list both of which are published by the california department of fish and wildlife, southern pacific rattlesnake crotalus oreganus helleri - a 2002 study split c viridis into 7 distinct species crotalus oreganus oreganus becomes crotalus oreganus crotalus oreganus helleri becomes crotalus helleri crotalus oreganus lutosus becomes crotalus lutosus the common names remain the same douglas douglas schuett porras holycross